Marcus Broome pinned Matt West

Sam Irvine, Buff Broadside, Stevie James & The Nail beat Dom Taylor, Erin Smith

and Earls & Loveless

Gabriel Myers pinned Kyle Ashmore

Jorge Castano pinned James Mason

to win the World Championship

Red Eagle pinned Dow Jones

D&D beat Sammy Smooth & Scott Star

to retain the Tag Team Championship

Drake Williams pinned Buff Broadside

Marcus Broome pinned Ian Loveless

Aaron Jason beat Gabriel Myers

(w/PT Player) by disqualification

Kyle Ashmore pinned Erin Smith

to retain the Inter-Regional Title

Aaron Jason, Buff Broadside &

Marcus Broome beat Gabriel Myers, Drake Williams & Ian Loveless

4th Jul 2015 - Houghton Regis, Beds

21st Nov 2015 - Gillingham, Kent

21st Mar 2015 - Teynham, Kent

28th Mar 2015 - Bedfont, Middlesex

Shane Stevens pinned Marcus Broome

KIN beat Seth Drayven & Sam Irvine

Dow Jones beat CJ Gunner and

Gabriel Myers in a 3 Way Match

Steve Manelli pinned Buff Broadside

Kyle Ashmore pinned Chris Wyld

to retain the Inter-Regional Title

28th Mar 2015 - Bedfont, Middlesex

24th Jan 2015 - Teynham, Kent

Marcus Broome pinned Sammy Smooth

Scott Star pinned Kieran Kurupt

D&D beat Dow Jones & Dom Taylor

Marcus Broome pinned Scott Star to

win the Crowning Glory Tournament

Ian Loveless beat CJ Gunner,

Dow Jones and The Nail in a

4 Way Elimination Match

James Mason pinned Gabriel Myers

to retain the World Championship

Marcus Broome pinned Dom Taylor

Dow Jones pinned CJ Gunner

KIN beat Gabriel Myers & Ian Loveless

(w/PT Player)

Steve Manelli beat Stevie James

by submission

Kyle Ashmore pinned Sam Irvine

to retain the Inter-Regional Title

Sammy Smooth pinned Jonny Storm

Gabriel Myers & Ian Loveless *

(w/Shane Stevens) beat D&D to

retain the Tag Team Championship * Loveless substituted for Stevens

Kyle Ashmore pinned Dow Jones

(w/PT Player) to retain the

Inter-Regional Title

James Mason pinned Dom Taylor

(w/Mr Batten) to retain

the World Championship

Jonny Storm won the Rampage Match

5th Dec 2015 - Blackheath, London

Theodore Powers pinned Erin Smith

Gabriel Myers pinned Remy Casanova

Aaron Jason beat Ian Loveless

by disqualification

Aaron Jason & KIN beat

​Gabriel Myers, Erin Smith & Ian Loveless

Marcus Broome pinned Damon Moser

Punk Out beat Drake Williams

& Dave Maverick (w/PT Player)

Kyle Ashmore pinned Bill Duffy

Gabriel Myers won a Gauntlet Match

  • CJ Gunner pinned Damon Moser
  • Drake Williams pinned CJ Gunner
  • Stevie James pinned Drake Williams
  • Dave Maverick pinned Stevie James
  • Buff Broadside pinned Dave Maverick
  • Gabriel Myers pinned Buff Broadside

Red Eagle pinned Ian Loveless

10th Oct 2015 - Houghton Regis, Beds

28th Feb 2015 - Gillingham, Kent

CJ Gunner pinned Shane Stevens (w/The Tycoon)

Gabriel Myers pinned Erin Smith

(w/Sam Irvine)

Earls & Loveless beat 

Buff Broadside & Anthony James

Matt West pinned Sam Irvine

Buff Broadside won a Battle Royal

James Mason pinned Dow Jones

to retain the World Championship

Gabriel Myers & Shane Stevens beat KIN

to retain the Tag Team Championship

Marcus Broome pinned Sam Irvine

Kyle Ashmore pinned Ian Loveless

to retain the Inter-Regional Title

Dom Taylor (w/PT Player) beat CJ Gunner

CJ Gunner, Marcus Broome &

Stevie James beat Dom Taylor,

Gabriel Myers & Steve Manelli

2015 - Results

CJ Gunner pinned Dom Taylor

Alexander Roth (w/The Tycoon)

pinned Chris Murphy

Dow Jones pinned Buff Broadside

Earls & Loveless beat Punk Out

Marcus Broome and Stan Powers

fought to a No-Contest

Santa (Buff Broadside) beat Dow Jones

​in an impromptu match

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4th Oct 2015 - Teynham, Kent

20th Jun 2015 - Teynham, Kent

15th Aug 2015 - Gillingham, Kent

Sammy Smooth pinned Kyle Ashmore

to win the Inter-Regional Title

D&D beat Earls & Loveless, Punk Out

and Deadly Force in a 4 Way Match to

retain the Tag Team Championship

Gabriel Myers pinned CJ Gunner

Shane Stevens pinned Theodore Powers

Marcus Broome pinned Steve Manelli

Dow Jones beat The Nail

in a Stretcher Match

​The Nail & Punk Out beat Dow Jones & Deadly Force in an impromptu match

United Kingdom Pro Wrestling 

9th May 2015 - Gillingham, Kent

Marcus Broome pinned Dow Jones

Robert Rochester-Rose (w/PT Player) pinned Kieran Kurupt

Kyle Ashmore pinned Sammy Smooth

to retain the Inter-Regional Title

CJ Gunner pinned James Earls

Ian Loveless pinned Buff Broadside

D&D beat Shane Stevens & Gabriel Myers

to win the Tag Team Championship