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United Kingdom Pro Wrestling 

6th Feb 2016 - Gillingham, Kent

Kyle Ashmore pinned Dom Taylor

Erin Smith defeated Dow Jones

(w/Mr Batten) by countout

Marcus Broome pinned Shane Stevens

to retain the Inter-Regional Title

Kieran Kurupt won a Battle Royal

D&D beat Earls & Loveless,

Brawl Street Strikers and Smooth & Star in a 4 Way Match to retain the

Tag Team Championship

12th Nov 2016 - Gillingham, Kent

Bonus Match:

Gabriel Myers pinned Chris Murphy

Tournament Match: 
Dow Jones pinned Kieran Kurupt

Tournament Match: 
Shane Stevens pinned Buff Broadside

Marcus Broome pinned Sammy Smooth
to retain the Inter-Regional Title

D&D & Scott Star defeated 

Brawl Street Strikers & Dom Taylor

Jorge Castano and Kyle Ashmore wrestled to a time limit draw.

Castano retained the World Title

Tournament Final:

 Dow Jones beat Shane Stevens by countout to win the trophy

13th Aug 2016 - Gillingham, Kent

Bonus Match: 
Dom Taylor pinned Cell

Kyle Ashmore pinned Damon Moser

Earls & Loveless beat Mills & Kurupt

to retain the Tag Team Championship

Dumpster Match:

Dow Jones beat Marcus Broome

to retain the Inter-Regional Title

Fentos pinned Tommy Martins

The A-Listers defeated Team Tycoon 

Sammy Smooth beat Scott Star,

Cieran Donnelly and Danny Duggan

in a 4 Way Match to retain the

Inter-Regional Title

Kyle Ashmore & Marcus Broome

beat Dom Taylor & Dow Jones

Erin Smith pinned Sam Irvine

(w/The Tycoon)

James Mason pinned Ian Loveless

(w/James Earls)

James Mason won the Rampage Match

15th Oct 2016 - Welling, Kent

Kyle Ashmore pinned Sammy Smooth

(w/Scott Star)

Dow Jones beat The Nail in an Iron Man Match (2 falls to 1)

Marcus Broome (w/John 'Boycie' Challis)

beat Gabriel Myers by disqualification

to retain the Inter-Regional Title

Gabriel Myers & Dom Taylor (w/PT Player) beat The Nail & Connor Danielson

Erin Smith pinned Cyclone

(w/Monsoon and The Tycoon)

Alexander Roth (w/The Tycoon)

pinned Theodore Powers

Dow Jones pinned Buff Broadside

Earls & Loveless beat

Seth Drayven & James Lochran

Marcus Broome pinned Sammy Smooth

to win the Inter-Regional Title

1st Oct 2016 - Teynham, Kent

5th Mar 2016 - Teynham, Kent

Dom Taylor pinned Buff Broadside

Brawl Street Strikers beat D&D

No Holds Barred:

Shane Stevens pinned Gabriel Myers

Earls & Loveless beat Trashmore to

retain the tag team championship

James Mason pinned Darrell Allen

Theodore Powers pinned Jorge Castano

to win the World Title

16th Apr 2016 - Welling, Kent

16th Jul 2016 - Welling, Kent

2016 - Results

9th Apr 2016 - Gillingham, Kent

Dow Jones pinned Chris Murphy

to retain the Inter-Regional Title

Marcus Broome pinned Fentos

Buff Broadside & CJ Gunner beat

Dom Taylor & Seth Drayven

Theodore Powers pinned Cyclone

Steve Manelli pinned Sid Manelli

Kieran Kurupt pinned Ian Loveless

Earls & Loveless beat D&D by forfeit

to win the Tag Team Championship

Kyle Ashmore pinned Earl Black

Buff Broadside pinned Dom Taylor

Tag Team Gauntlet:

Manelli & Myers beat The Disasters

Heavy Metal beat Manelli & Myers

Heavy Metal beat Earls & Loveless

Smart Money beat Heavy Metal

Mills & Kurupt beat Smart Money

Brawl Street Strikers beat Mills & Kurupt

Brawl Street Strikers vs Ashmore & Broome ended in a no-contest due to interference from Earls & Loveless *

* As there was no winner in the Gauntlet, Earls & Loveless retained

the UKPW Tag Team Championship

19th Mar 2016 - Gillingham, Kent

Shane Stevens & The Brawl Street Strikers

beat Layton Cole, Erin Smith & CJ Gunner

Scott Star pinned Damon Moser

Sammy Smooth pinned Theodore Powers

Gabriel Myers & Steve Manelli

beat Marcus Broome & The Nail

in a Steel Cage Match

Kyle Ashmore beat Dow Jones

in a Steel Cage Match