4th Feb 2017 - Gillingham, Kent

23rd Apr 2017 - Gillingham, Kent

Muscles Mansfield and Marcus Broome fought to a double-countout

​Alexander Roth pinned Spike Trivet

The Force defeated Mills & Kurupt to win the Tag Team Championship

Dow Jones pinned Jonny Storm

Kyle Ashmore pinned Maverick Mayhew to retain the World Title

Scandalo! beat Darkside II, Marieddu
and Rocco Gioiello in a 4 Way Match

​Team Trashman beat Team Ashmore

The Force defeated Broome & Mayhew to retain the Tag Team Championship

Muscles Mansfield beat Mountain Stew by submission to retain the Inter-Regional Title

​Buff Broadside pinned Brandon Croft

Kyle Ashmore beat Alexander Roth and Theodore Powers to retain the World Title

Dow Jones won the Gauntlet Match

  • Maverick Mayhew pinned Fentos
  • Mayhew and Muscles Mansfield fought to a double-countout
  • Chris Murphy pinned Drake Williams
  • Murphy beat Officer Rogers by DQ
  • Dow Jones pinned Murphy 
  • Jones pinned Jay Knox

13th May 2017 - Teynham, Kent

Muscles Mansfield pinned Maverick Mayhew to win the Inter-Regional Title

Buff Broadside pinned Officer Rogers

Trashman beat Powers, Smooth

and Trivet in a 4 Way Match

Kieran Kurupt beat Dom Taylor

by disqualification

Smart Money beat D&D

Kyle Ashmore pinned Scott Star

to retain the World Title

Bonus Match: 
Tommy Martins pinned Spike Trivet

Dom Taylor pinned Maverick Mayhew

El Capitan Britania & Maverick Mayhew beat Cell & Mr Mally

Kyle Ashmore beat Dillon D'Angelo        by submission

Dow Jones pinned Connor Mills to retain the Inter-Regional Title

Brawl Street Strikers (w/The Tycoon) beat Mr Hollywood & Mr Clean

Theodore Powers pinned Fentos

to retain the World Championship

Mills & Kurupt defeated Earls & Loveless to win the Tag Team Championship

Sammy Smooth pinned Scott Star

Kyle Ashmore beat Cieran Donnelly

and Spike Trivet

Dow Jones and Theodore Powers

wrestled to a draw (Powers would then pin Jones in an impromptu match to retain the World Title)

Alexander Roth pinned Danny Duggan

Shane Stevens won the Rampage Match

Yet to take place

30th Sept 2017 - Falconwood, Welling

3rd June 2017 - Falconwood, Welling

28th Jan 2017 - Falconwood, Welling

25th Mar 2017 - Falconwood, Welling

Maverick Mayhew & Erin Smith

defeated Fentos & Spike Trivet

Mountain Stew pinned

Robert Rochester-Rose

Shane Stevens beat Darrell Allen

Dom Taylor pinned CJ Gunner

Maverick Mayhew beat Fentos,

Spike Trivet, Erin Smith and Dow Jones in a Ladder Match to win the

Inter-Regional Championship

United Kingdom Pro Wrestling 

7th Oct 2017 - Teynham, Kent

24th September 2017 - Gillingham, Kent

22nd July 2017 - Gillingham, Kent

11th Nov 2017 - Gillingham, Kent

Officer Rogers pinned Chris Murphy

Lewis Barrett pinned Brandon Croft

Dow Jones pinned Maverick Mayhew

Officer Rogers & Steve Manelli 

beat Chris Murphy & Sid Manelli

Stevie James pinned Anton Green

​Sid Manelli won a Battle Royal

Dom Taylor beat Sid Manelli

​via disqualification

Mountain Stew pinned Fentos

Officer Rogers pinned Erin Smith

Heavy Artillery beat The Establishment

Dow Jones beat The Nail in a

Falls Count Anywhere Match

Maverick Mayhew pinned Spike Trivet to retain the Inter-Regional Championship

Dow Jones beat Scott Star

via disqualification

Mills & Kurupt beat Brawl Street Strikers to retain the Tag Team Championship

Chris Murphy and Stoked & Yoked beat Dom Taylor, Sid Manelli and Fentos

Buff Broadside pinned Sammy Smooth

Kyle Ashmore pinned Theodore Powers to win the World Championship

Tournament Match
Adam Mansfield pinned Ian Loveless

Tournament Match
Dom  Taylor pinned Mountain Stew

Maverick Mayhew pinned Officer Rogers
To retain the Inter-Regional Title

Hugh Mungus pinned Mr Plentyfull

Jorge Castano pinned Buff Broadside

Tournament Final
Mansfield pinned Taylor

1st Apr 2017 - Gillingham, Kent

Alexander Roth beat Rich N Famous         by submission

Allen/Black Jr beat Stew Barrett


       Muscles Mansfield beat Sid Manelli            to retain the Inter-Regional Title

Kyle Ashmore beat Trashman in a       Street Fight to retain the World Title

Dow Jones retained his Dow Jones Championship (Theodore Powers lost by forfeit and a series of ‘open challenges’ followed which involved Ross Briffitt,  Fentos and CJ Gunner)

          Viva Buff Vegas beat The Force                  to win the Tag Team Championship

Presenting live wrestling events, suitable for all ages.

Tournament Match: Spike Trivet beat Marcus Broome by submission

Tournament Match: Shane Stevens

beat Dom Taylor by disqualification

Tournament Match: Scott Star

pinned Fentos

Tournament Match: Sammy Smooth pinned Buff Broadside

Semi-Final: Scott Star pinned

Sammy Smooth

Semi-Final: Spike Trivet beat

Shane Stevens by submission

Dow Jones won a 10 Man Rumble

Tournament Final: Spike Trivet pinned Scott Star to win the MCSF 2017 Trophy